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After just 3.5 hours my dough had already doubled and was nice and puffy and bubbly, so I decided to skip the next 14.5 hours of waiting and just proceed with the remainder of the recipe. It turned out fabulous! Absolutely the best no-knead yeast bread I've yet to make. Beautiful thin and crispy crust with an airy and moist inside crumb, just like a wet dough should produce. But not so airy that you can't make a sandwich easily! I made the 4C recipe, using just 2t of salt and bread machine yeast (not instant), and baked it in my 5qt. cast iron dutch oven pot. I lightly sprayed my plastic bowl before mixing, and sprayed again after mixing and yet again after folding - also sprayed the plastic wrap cover - I found this to help quite a bit re the stickiness. To remove the dough into the hot pot I used a flour dipped rubber spatula and that worked great - what a nice and satisfying plop and sizzle once it drops! To help with handling of the hot pot, I placed it on an old cookie sheet when heating and again for baking. I topped my loaf with a sprinkling of italian seasonings and garlic powder. I plan to make this again with roasted garlic and chunks of sharp cheddar cheese, can't wait! (I posted 4 pictures, it looked so good that I couldn't resist taking quite a few snapshots)

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4Susan January 23, 2008

I loved this. I baked it in an iron skillet. I think I will use a smaller one next time. I had a bigger, flatter loaf. But tasted wonderful & I love the ease of this! I just don't have any time in the mornings, so I started mine about 9pm. Then I could do the first mix when I got home from work the next day @ 4pm. Done by 6pm for dinner. Perfect. I liked Sandi's picture so much, I sprinkled sesame seeds on it before baking. I am looking forward to trying lots of different things with this recipe. Thank you very, very much for sharing it.

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Feej August 30, 2007

Such a nice recipe! Today I made one with 2 cups of fine spelt flour, 1/2 cup fine rye, 1/4 cup of spelt flakes and 1/4 cup og gluten flour. It worked out perfectly well to add more whole grain flour together with gluten flour! I will try to put in even more out of both next time. Todays bread was nice, crisp and moist just like the original recipe. Now I just mixed up a new one with your original recipe. My daughter brought some for lunch at school yesterday. Her friend loved it and asked if I would share the recipe with her. On friday morning she will receive a freshly baked bread along with the instructions of how to prepare it. Thank you for sharing!

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illysa April 15, 2015

This is the perfect artisan bread!!! I baked it on a buttered baking sheet and it turned out wonderful as well. It didn't have the cracked crispy crust that it gets with the dutch oven and lid but it is still a very nice European style bread. If you're looking for an easy, absolutely delicious, artisan bread then go no further than this recipe. You can add whatever herbs/flavors you want and it turns out WONDERFUL!!!! Next time I'm going to try jalapeno peppers and top it with cheddar cheese and see what happens. I'm pretty sure it's still gunna be great! Thanks for sharing, Zurie!!!

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yedenmatka June 23, 2014

I can't believe it - I made a homemade yeast bread and did not pull my hair out or end up with a brick! This recipe is truly wonderful for me. I followed your instructions to a "T" - too frightened to do anything else. Now I feel like I've tackled me huge fear of making yeast based breads. Now I'll just have a fear of using anything but this recipe for the future. Thanks Zuri for sharing such a great recipe. Made in memory of your sweet hubby.

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HokiesMom January 30, 2014

Great taste, great chew! I'm a fairly novice bread maker and have just 2 or 3 recipes that I am comfortable with. This took me way out of my comfort zone but in a good way. I confess to pouring out what I considered thick pancake batter in to my cast iron 3 qt. bean pot thinking that this would be a total 'fail' on my part. I was disappointed to see that the loaf was only about 2 1/2 inches high but realise that it was due largely to a pot too big for the recipe. It looked rather like a high sponge cake. I used the 4 cup of flour version. The disappointment ended when I did as you suggested and cut a warm slice, slathered it with butter and immediately wanted more. The taste is great and will be wonderful for anything other than sandwiches. I am so very glad that I made it and will do so again using a pot with different dimensions. Great bread! Made in remembrance of Gideon.

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K9 Owned January 21, 2014

I was not born with "the touch" for bread making. It has always been a chore for me, with iffy results on a regular basis. Since finding this site I have found three bread recipes I can count on, this being # 4. I can't say enough about this recipe. First off the bread has a fantastic taste and chew, and the crust is simply perfect. Second, it's very easy to make. I didn't think it would be, and had a mild panic attack the "morning of baking" after looking at the sponge (before) I re-read the instructions and folded it over a few times (I used a dough scraper). I prepped my cast iron skillet and into the oven it went to come to temp. After 30 minutes I pulled it back out, gave it a nice shot of olive oil and carefully released the dough into the pot. Lid on and into the oven she went. 40 minutes later I removed the lid and felt my knees go a little weak. My bread looked like I thought it should. 20 minutes later I pulled it out of the oven & felt a little faint. Not only did it look all lovely and golden, but bread released beautifully onto the wire rack to cool. "Everything worked just like you said it would" - this really never happens when I make bread. I did ignore the part where I should let it cool "just to touch, slice off the end and eat it myself". That would have been a disaster - LOL! This morning I sliced into it for breakfast. My husband had his toasted with butter, fried eggs and bacon on the side. I had a toasted breakfast sandwich. Keith mentioned his toast 3 times. This rarely happens. He also asked that we grill "something" for dinner tonight to go with the grilled bread he is planning on having. Wonderful recipe Zurie, thank you for posting!<br/>I made the 4 cup (large) recipe in a 10 inch cast iron dutch oven & this was made in honor of Gideon's celebration of life cook-a-thon.

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Dib's January 12, 2014

This is fantastic bread. I used a coarse sea salt and added about 1 tsp crushed fennel seed with the other ingredients and then topped it with a little extra coarse sale and fennel seed as soon as I put it in the pot to bake. Best bread for spaghetti ever! we ate the whole loaf and didn't even think about using butter. I did use both the butter and olive oil as the poster suggested and gave great flavor and it popped out so easy.

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Baking Barb August 01, 2013

I just love this bread! I've made it twice, now, and have been very happy with the result. The loaf has a wonderful crispy crust and a firm chewy crumb, just perfect as a side to a bowl of soup for sopping up the broth in the bowl. I followed the directions as written, using the plastic bowl and my le cruset pot. It may take nearly a full day, but since most of that is hands-off, I'll classify this as a very easy recipe. Thanks so much for posting!

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IngridH December 18, 2011

This bread Rocks! So easy to make & tastes great - even the second day. Perfect recipe for "dough dummies" like me. Thanks Zurie!

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bonniesarazin April 22, 2011
Zurie's Overnight No-Knead Bread