Vegan Two Ingredient Waffles

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Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

Found this on; added a bit more vanilla

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  1. BLEND - Put oatmeal, banana, and two cups of water in a blender (or food processor). Start blending.Add all other ingredients while it's blending to save time.
  2. SIT - Once everything looks rather homogenous, let the batter sit for five minutes. At this point, I usually start heating up my waffle maker.
  3. COOK - Using a ladle, place two scoops into your waffle maker. These take longer to cook than normal waffles; for mine it takes about six and a half minutes.
  4. ENJOY - They taste great fresh, but if you're not going to eat them while they're hot I suggest popping them in the toaster for a bit just to warm them up again.