Sweet Fire Jalapenos

Total Time
24 hrs
0 mins

This is a great appetizer or compliment to a meal. We find it so much better than the jars we purchase which cost anywhere from $5 to $8 for an eight ounce jar. You will be amazed!

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  • 1 quart pickled sliced jalapeno
  • 2 cups sugar


  1. Drain and thoroughly rinse jalapenos in cold water.
  2. (I cover them with water in a pan and drain in a collandar several times) Place jalapenos in a glass container and cover with sugar.
  3. Refrigerate overnite or until sugar turns to syrup.
  4. Serve with cream cheese and crackers or with roasted turkey or chicken.
  5. These are soooo expensive when purchased but so easy to make and Yummy!
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Nice idea to serve the jalapenos up in a different way. Folks at work were intrigued with the easy recipe

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Very tasty! I love that I can now make these at home. I have always balked at the price of these peppers when I would see them at the store. These were delicious on toast spread with cream cheese.

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Love them! Found your recipe and figured it had to be cheaper to buy a big jar and make them than to buy what my family calls "Sweet Hots". I didn't want to do the whole jar as I like jalapenos with just about anything so I used a smaller jar, stuffed it full, and started with 1/4 cup sugar. Ended up (like another reviewer) using about 3/4 cup sugar in the end. But it was easily adjustable to personal sweet/hot preference. They are wonderful. Plan on making another jar and giving to my parents since they love them too. Thanks for posting!