Sweet and Sour Carrots

Total Time
30 mins
30 mins

One of Libby's old newspaper clippings again. Looks good. can make in the wok

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  1. Peel carrots and cut on the diagonal. in wok add 1 cup water add carrots
  2. Cook them until barely tender; add bell pepper that has been cut into 1 inch squares.
  3. Cook 3 minutes; drain wok . Set carrots and peppers aside.
  4. Drain pineapple, saving the juice. Add enough water to the juice to make 1/3 cup. Add salt, vinegar and soy sauce. put into wok
  5. Cook until bubbly; add carrots and bell peppers; serve hot.
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I made this recipe because I didn't want to serve plain carrots to our dinner company. These carrots were GREAT and the recipe is simple to follow. If you enjoy sweet and sour Chinese food you will enjoy this recipe.

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I love this recipe, but I add a 1/4 cup of sugar and use cider vinegar.