Susan's Pink Watermelon Pickles (Not Rind)

Total Time
15 mins
20 mins

These may sound strange, but they are very good. My dear Mother-in-law made these all the time. They are made with the pink, sweet part of the watermelon, not the rind. Give them a try, they are easy and delicious!

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  1. Bring mixture to a boil.
  2. Meanwhile, in a mason jar, put a few sprigs of dill and fill jar the rest of the way with bite sized pink watermelon pieces. Then put a few more sprigs of dill on top.
  3. Pour hot, boiled mixture over the watermelons and seal steam.
  4. Before eating be sure to refrigerate overnight, and eat cold.
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Watermelon pickles may sound strange to most but not to me. I love them! My Mother-in-Law made them as well, but someone threw out her recipe box when she passed away, so I have never made the pickles myself. I am so thrilled to have found this!!! These are exactly like Mom's .... fantastic and so pretty. Thank you, Leslie! If I could give you 10 stars I would.

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Made these as you directed. Won't be opening these for 6 weeks, so will post review now, and edit once we have tasted them. This is an easy recipe and certainly one beginners should try.