'spring in Your Step' Smoothie (Raw Food)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

This recipe was pulled off the internet.

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  1. Put all 3 ingredients into a blender bowl & blend until smooth!
  2. Pour into two tall glasses & enjoy!
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GREAT SMOOTHIE YOU GOT HERE MIKE !! Great combo of ingredients, and flavors. Kind of reminded me of the days, that I was in South Texas near Mexico. I did add a tad pineapple juice to this. Made for PRMR tag.

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Another awesome smoothie from Syd. This was so good. I love melons in smoothies. The flavors blend really nice is this tropical smoothie. I especially love the flavor that the papaya brings to the mix. I used all frozen fruit for this, so I mixed in a little pineapple juice. Thank you so much for sharing this tasty treat.

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Wow. . .this SO reminds me of Mexico. . .sitting by the pool with a plate of fresh fruit! I did sub cantaloupe for the honeydew with excellent results. The papaya really stands out here. Mine was too thick for my blender, so I threw in 3 oz of unsweetened pineapple juice. I love low calorie smoothies like this. I am going to put a little in the fridge and mix it with some vodka tonight for a fruity martini. . .we shall see how that works!!! Made for Veg*n Tag June 2009.