Sparkling Party Punch (non-alcoholic)

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Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

This recipe is easily cut in half if this is too much. This refreshing punch is delicious, and always a hit at any summer gathering. Use a Citrus Ice Ring (recipe posted separately) in the punch bowl -- it's pretty, and it keeps the punch cold.

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  1. In the morning of your party, in a very large bowl, combine all ingredients except ginger ale; you may want to then pour this mixture into juice jugs to refrigerate to avoid any spills.
  2. When ready to serve, place 7 cups of the punch mix in punch bowl along with 2 cups of the ginger ale; float a Citrus Ice Ring (recipe posted separately #24758) in the bowl; this allows you to refill (refresh) the punch bowl two more times without it getting too watered down as the ice ring melts.
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I halfed the recipe for 14-people dinner party, but we finished nevertheless. =) the kids especially loved it.

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Served this punch at a bridal shower last weekend to rave reviews. I used lime sherbert instead of the ice ring to keep it cool.

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I recently had this punch for my wedding. It was great. Everyone commented on how the "sparkle" lasted all day. When I got some of the things back after the wedding I found 1 bottle of ginger ale that wasn't used. The person helping me said they didn't have room for all of it in the punch bowl. Even though it all didn't go in IT WAS GREAT!! Good recipe