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thank you so much for this idea Sharon! My sprouter was packed to capacity with beautiful green sprouts, now I wish I would have taken a picture. I have never sprouted lentils before, love them! I am in disbeleif of how far 1/2 a cup of lentils can go. I over-cooked these unfortunately so my recommendation would be to really watch they don't turn too brown, even at a low temp they do burn. I'll be reloading my sprouter tomorrow with another batch, I won't use the onion powder next time, I found it just too overwhelming - but the rest of the ingredients are perfect. Thank you again Sharon! Made for Veg*n Swap Mar10.

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magpie diner March 28, 2010

SO good! I tried to make mine last as long as possible because I wanted to see how long they would last after baked. I made it about 2 weeks....On to another batch soon! THanks! ETA: You don't have to have a fancy set-up to sprout lentils. Just a wide-mouth jar with nylons or cheesecloth for the top "cover". Secure with rubberband and rinse your sprouts as needed!

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Mrs.R December 06, 2008

Such a Fun & Yum snack :) I used my own mix of sprouts...a tray of this and that in my pal my de-high :) for the lentils I used Sharon's suggested spice mix with the exception of replacing the soy with Braggs and using less than 1/2 the amount of liquid 'cause it is potent stuff :) - (side note; I was inspired by Sandi to give garbanzos a try too, but did a wasabi, brown sugar mustard sauce with those - so thanks for the idea :) ) I did some wheat berry sprouts as well 'cause why-not... sprouting and dehydrating have become my cooking methods of preference over this past summer and I have been experimenting and playing around a lot... so I have the stuff ready to rock&roll with my whims :) :) :)...Loved the lentil snack sprouts... delightful crunchy little crisps ... I will not be drying them in the oven as long as I have my new favorite toy (the dehydrator) or maybe until winter- when I need to turn the oven on to warm up some {{lol}} ; - but I am sure that would be a yum as well because all of Sharon's recipes & ideas are...:) - as far as the de-high dry time...hard to say 'cause like I said different tries all different things, treatments and times plus we have ALOT of problems with power going off with summer storms this time of year...it is a play it by ear thing and so far I have been pleased with the results - I would say average 6-8 hours...you can put it on and go off to work with out worries (or bed :) )- THANKS Sharon for yet another winning recipe...i think i may be your #1 fan :)

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free-free July 23, 2008

I love dried lentil snacks, but had never tried them sprouted like this. I'll have to triple the recipe next time, they where gone before I could put them into any kind of container! Hope you'll get a picture up of just the lentil sprouts. Thanks for sharing.

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L DJ April 29, 2007

I cultivated my own sprouts (fun!) in my new handy-dandy sprouter, then seasoned them and put them in the dehydrator. After checking on them at regular intervals for doneness, I gave up after 12 hours. The garbanzos simply refused to completely dry and ended up having the consistency of a really dried out piece of chewing gum; slightly chewy, but hard. (Sorry, that's the only metaphor I could think of.) But the flavor was right on! I'm going to try this again, but omit the chickpeas, just sticking with the lentil sprouts. Thanks, Sharon!

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Sandi (From CA) April 23, 2007

Lovely, Sharon 123. I happened to have a bunch of sprouted lentils when I came accross this recipe. I accidently cooked them a bit to long, but the taste is really great. What a fun way to eat lentils and it is a great snack for my commute home. Thanks for posting! Will make again for sure.

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VegSocialWorker February 03, 2007

We loved this! I sprouted for the first time and they got nice sprouts in about 3 days. I had to turn the oven up to 275 after 1 hour and cooked it almost another half hour. I used Bragg's amino acids for the soy sauce and will probably try reducing a bit next time and reducing the onion powder to 2 tsp next time. The kids are in the kitchen right now eating it all! (Even the picky one!) I think I'm a sprout convert :)

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WI Cheesehead January 17, 2007
Snack Sprouts