Salsa Mexicana (Fresh Tomato and Chiles)

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10 mins
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From Rick Bayless, 'Authentic Mexican.' If you're looking for an authentic Mexican salsa, this is it! It's so simple too! I only use one onion and two jalapenos when I make it, but I decided I'd post the original recipe instead of altering it. The way I make it produces a medium heat. I'd imagine making it his way would produce a hot salsa. I really like it with the lime juice. I haven't made it with the vinegar yet.

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  1. Toss tomato, jalapeno, onion, garlic, and cilantro together.
  2. Add salt and lime juice (or cider vinegar).
  3. Stir, and let stand 30 minutes before serving.
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WOW!! What a fresh, simple, delicious treat! Upon your recommendation I made it with 2 jalapenos and 1 medium white onion, and a full tsp. of minced garlic cloves. Eighteen sprigs of cilantro to me was the tops of the single sprigs without the bottom stem (right?). The food processor made this soooo easy. After 45 minutes in the frig, I had to try it and was delighted. If you're not into too much heat, I recommend you follow the suggested 2 jalapenos, but to me, it was a little weak. Next time I make it, and that definitely will happen, I'll try 3 jalapenos and a little "sweet" by adding a half mango. This is wonderful as is, but I like to play around with recipes. Thumbs up on this one! P.S. DH said, "It's the best salsa I've ever eaten", and believe me, he's a hard critic and RARELY passes out complements!!

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This is my favorite salsa. Just like when I lived in Mexico for 6 years. If you have a mortor and pestal (molino) I suggest you grind the salt and garlic together into a paste first and go from there. Please no vinegar. I look forward to this daily when I return to Mexico to stay. T.J.

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Delicious! I didn't add jalapenos since I was going for fresh-tasting, not spicy. Only needed 1/2 t salt, definitely recommend using lime juice over vinegar!