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YUM! These are good and addictive, as other reviews already state! I dry roasted these at 300 degrees for about an hour, giving the pan a good shake every 10-15 minutes. I then sprinkled with a little EVOO, gave the pan a shake. Sprinkled fairly liberally with salt and curry powder, gave the pan a shake. Put in at 350 for just about 10 or so minutes. VOILA! I'm excited to try different seasonings. Also, next time I'll either use very minimal oil, or I may even try sticking with nonstick spray - seems you just need enough moisture to prevent burning and get the seasoning to stick. Will be great on a salad as well... MMM! THANKS!

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somebodys_sweet_pea March 01, 2010

WOW! GREAT idea!! I've had 2 cans of chick peas in my pantry for months now... I had NO idea what to do with them. ZLike JenzyGirl's husband, I'm not too fond of chick peas, but these were magnificent! I actually just went with garlic salt and cracked black pepper. I actually prepped them while making breakfast the other day. They dried in the strainer for about 30 minutes and then on the towels for another 30 minutes. When the biscuits came out of the oven, the garbanzos went in... I shook them about every 10 minutes or so. PERFECT snack... I actually added chick peas to my next shopping list!

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Patrick Blair January 06, 2009

Wow, sooooooo soooooo good! I really enjoyed this unusual twist on using chickpeas! The recipe worked out fantastically and the spice mix was so tasty! I would have never thought that the chickpeas would get as crunchy as they got and that Id like this as much as I did. Mmmm, I cant wait to make another batch! :) I used dried chickpeas, which I had soaked and cooked beforehand and instead of cooking spray used a little oil. Perfect! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this fantastic recipe with us, Hope!

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Lalaloula May 19, 2010

I should have read the reviews before making these. Mine didn't turn out crunchy, I baked for 45 minutes. I so want to love these, so I'm going to make them again and bake for an hour. The flavor was great - I used my own cajun mix that included chipotle and smoked paprika. This definitely needs salt though, I added salt. Will make again and check back.

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Denise! February 12, 2010

I used Redfarmgirl's method, dry roasting 1st then dumping into a Ziplock bag with the seasonings. I wish I would have added salt as they needed that. I was expecting this to knock my socks off after all the reviews but it didn't excite me that much. I do have to mention that they got better with age. Definitely crunchy.

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Claudia Dawn February 01, 2010

I was impressed. I didn't use cajun seasoning (didn't have any), but chili powder, season salt and onion powder, and cayenne. I dried off the chickpeas, sprayed lightly with cooking spray and then sprinkled the spices on. I had them on a jelly roll pan with parchment paper (no mess!!). I did end up keeping them in for 60 minutes. Very good. Btw, if you want something crispy do not close it in a bag or tupperware or anything like that until thoroughly cooled. Else, as others have stated they will soften.

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Kim S. January 30, 2010

Thank you for this recipe. My husband would never eat anything that had a garbanzo bean in it. He ate the whole container of these yummy little things. I thought JanuaryBride had a good idea with the Greek seasoning which is what I tried. I thought the cajun would be too spicy for my kids. I dried them paper towels in the strainer and then put them on a nonstick pan for about 25 min to dry out a little before adding the spray and seasoning. Turned out perfect and very crunchy.

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JenzyGirl January 05, 2009

These are quick and easy and so delicious! And did I mention addictive? My method is to roast the peas on a non-stick cookie sheet, stirring occasionally to keep them from sticking. After they are dry roasted, I pour them in a container, add 1/2 tsp olive oil plus chili power, salt, cayenne, and onion powder. Then shake, shake, shake! The oil helps the spices to stick to the peas and it's less messy than adding spices before/during the roasting. Also, I make sure to keep the lid off the container for about 1 hour after roasting so the steam won't cause the peas to soften. Yummy!

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RedFarmGirl November 01, 2008

Pretty tasty and you can adjust the seasonings to suit your taste. I cooked mine in my toaster oven, and they took about an hour and 5 minutes. Please watch these during the last 15 minutes of cooking, as they tend to go from golden and crunchy to dried out and burned without proper care. Next time I make these I'm trying curry flavor!

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TreeSquirrel December 01, 2010

I like the idea but could not get them to get crispy even after toasting for over 1 hour at 350 F. I did add sea salt and black pepper to one batch of curry & garam masala and a second batch of cajun. Good flavor and great healthy snack!

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chefleen October 26, 2010
Roasted Garbanzo Beans/Chickpeas