Orange You a Peach!

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Simple, tasty, and pretty too. I made this up one hot day. Now I drink it often.

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  • 1 cup peach juice (or peach punch)
  • 14 cup orange juice
  • ice


  1. Pour the peach punch and the orange juice into a cup filled with ice.
  2. Enjoy!
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I had some peach nectar on the shelf and oj in the fridge. Over the ice they went and I thinned it just a touch with some cold mineral water. The flavors are a match made in heaven on a hot summer day. We'll be having more this evening. :D

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WOW! Love this flavor combo. I actually used peach cider which I bought at a local farmers' market. Since the peach juice is so sweet, the orange juice tames it. Another option is to add a half jigger of peach Schnapps for an adult drink.