Jalapeno Vodka

Total Time
168hrs 5mins
5 mins
168 hrs

Flavoured vodkas are very popular and this one says “Holiday Cheer” to me. The recipe comes "Too Many Chiles!" by Dave DeWitt, Nancy Gerlach and Jeff Gerlach. I haven’t got round to trying this yet, but I’m sure that served with Tomato Juice this would make the best punchy Bloody Marys ever! Luckily the chillies only need a minimum of one week’s infusion time, so if you want to try this you won’t have to wait too long!

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  1. Remove the seeds and stems from the chillies, then cut them into quarters lengthways; place the chillies in the vodka and put aside to ‘steep’.
  2. Let the vodka sit for one week, or leave for longer if a hotter taste is required.
  3. Remove the chillies when the desired flavour has been achieved and serve.