Green Pepper Relish

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

Quick, fresh and so simple to make with a food processor. Its flavor is meant to be refreshing to offset other spicy hot dishes such as stews or grilled meat and it goes well with any bread. This is an Ethiopian recipe coming from Alford's and Duguid's cookbook on "Flatbreads and Flavours".

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  1. Wash the bell pepper and coarsely chop, removing core,seeds and membranes.
  2. Put pepper, garlic and salt in the food processor fitted with a blade and scraping down the sides of the bowl repeatedly with a rubber spatula, process until rather smooth.
  3. Taste and serve with spicy meat and bread. If you prefer some heat to the relish add as much of the diced chili as you like.
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It's lovely and simply. I also added a hint of lime since that makes me happy ;)

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What a great little side dish! And tho it has a bit of heat of its own (I did add the jalepeno), it is very refreshing. Thanks, Inge!