Fruity Shake-Up

Total Time
2 mins
3 mins

From Company's Coming - Great way to start the day!

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  1. Process raisins and first amount of apple juice in blender (or using stick blender) for about 1 minute, scraping down sides if necessary, until almost smooth.
  2. Add remaining 4 ingredients. Process until smooth.
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I love raisins and I love fruit drinks. I've never thought about adding raisins to a fruit drink. The raisins added a great flavor. This was quick & easy to make & healthy to drink. I added a little protein powder and called it lunch today. Made & reviews for PAC, fall 2008

5 5

Actually I couldn't wait to try this one as the raisin's caught my attention. I love smoothies/shakes and this one was so different in the use of raisins. I could definitely taste them too. Great idea Saturn~! A great pick-me-up after a morning jog;-)

5 5

I was unsure about this because of the raisins, but I was pleasantly surprised. this was an awesome day to start the day. I will make this again and again.