FLUFFY Peasant Bread (VEGAN and LOW FAT)

Total Time
3hrs 5mins
5 mins
3 hrs

A very healthy, simple and delish bread.

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  1. Place the ingredients into the bread machine in the order listed or in the order suggested by manufacturer.
  2. Select the basic cycle, and light crust.
  3. For a crispier crust, select the FRENCH cycle, or turn the machine off after the first rising cycle, and start the cycle from start again.
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This is a fantastic bread recipe which has worked really well for me when I have made it wih whey and when I stuck strictly to the recipe. It rises extremely well. Moreover it holds its shape and stores extremely well overnight and for a couple of days without going hard if accidentally left out. Great fluffy texture. All the good things about a plain white bread without the preservatives. This recipe has joined the very exclusive "Zaar recipe good enough to have been made twice" club and there are less than a dozen that can claim that fame.

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This recipe makes a very tasty, easy bread. I will be using this recipe often. I liked that it has no added fat and calls for ingredients I always have on hand. Thanks!

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This is one of the best bread machine recipes that I have ever made. It is fast and simple. We didn't have any sugar so we use brown sugar instead, and it still turned out wonderful.