Deluxe Dinner Salad for 2

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

There's a restaurant in town that serves the best dinner salads! No browned, lifeless iceberg lettuce with one measly, anemic-looking tomato imposter-oh no! This salad is colorful and nutritious. Of course, since this is a dinner salad, you have your choice of salad dressing-mine being in this case the house honey mustard of which Honey Mustard is a very close fascimile. An outright stolen recipe it is-but you already knew that. (If on hand, sometimes I throw in a few sliced black olives.)

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  1. Arrange the romaine lettuce on two salad plates.
  2. Divide the remaining ingredients and arrange in small "mounds" on each plate.
  3. Top with the red onion rings.
  4. Serve dressing of your choice on the side. See how easy that was?