Danish Cucumber Salad - Agurkesalat

Total Time
1hr 25mins
25 mins
1 hr

This quick and easy side dish was found on Food Down Unders website and is included in the Zaar World Tour 2005 swap for Scandinavia.

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  1. Wash and peel cucumbers. Cut cucumbers into very thin slices and place in medium bowl, salt lightly, and let stand for 15 minutes.
  2. Pour off all liquid from cucumbers. In a small bowl mix together the water, vinegar, sugar and pepper. Thinly sliced vidalia or walla walla onions can be placed in the salad also according to taste and this is optional. Pour mixture over the cucumbers and place in the refrigerator for one hour or until chilled. Drain off liquid again or serve with a slotted spoon.
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As a kid we had this very salad nearly every Sunday as part of our Sunday Smorgaasbord. Easy tasty recipe Thanks Lori

I haven't had pickled cucumber salad in many years, but my mom whose parents were from Finland made this frequently. This is a nice recipe for summertime when I don't want to cook. Really anytime you want something light to eat. I did add lots of minced garlic to liven the taste up more but don't tell anyone. Review written for Green Tag Thanks Gail

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I calculated a negative calorie intake. The energy it took to prepare consumed more calories than the conversion to calories after eaten. How 'bout "cash for cucumbers?" Could work.