Daily Detox Ritual #2: Breakfast Meal Replacement Green Smoothie

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

This is a great smoothie to add to your morning routine...countless variations can be made by using different fruits and fresh greens. Use what you have on hand, or what you may have a surplus of in the fridge. Citrus fruits and greens are the magic combo, as fruits high in Vit C help your body absorb more iron from the greens.Lemon and lime juice are great alkalizers, and enhances the taste of the smoothie. Add stevia or coconut nectar if needed. I like using frozen LOW GI fruits to keep the smoothie cold without adding ice (papaya, pears, apple) ! Try adding a combination of the fruits listed, not all are necessary each time-if you are in a hurry try just one or two fruits (pineapple and papaya have the most enzymes so I try to keep these on hand).

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  1. Start with water, you can use 1 cup to start, blend in about one small handful each of spinach and kale. Blend until smooth *if using a regular blender, try frozen organic chopped spinach. VITA MIX: add all ingredients in order, no need to blend greens first.
  2. Add in 1/2 orange, cut into a few smaller pieces, try leaving a little rind! Make sure you take all seeds out. Break celery (more fat burning, anti-inflammatory!) into chunks, and blend smooth. NOTE: Citrus type fruits work best, for best nutrient absorption.
  3. Add in harder fruits first, banana and lemon/lime last. If too thick, add in cold water until desired thickness, remember, it's a smoothie-not a juice:).
  4. Add stevia and sweeten to taste, and try a pinch of dry or fresh mint if you find it strong for your palate!