Crusty French Bread

Total Time
2hrs 10mins
10 mins
2 hrs

I adore this recipe for it's simplicity and versitility! I have added everything from cinnamon sugar to garlic and cheese to this bread, and it still turns out beautifully every single time! If you have the time, this bread really benefits if allowed one single, overnight rise covered in the fridge. The yeast flavors develop perfectly, and the texture is much nicer.

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  1. Proof the yeast in the water and sugar.
  2. Knead in salt and flour until dough is well-developed.
  3. Let rise until double in size.
  4. Knead down gently, and allow to rise again.
  5. Form dough into two loaves and drop into greased bread pans. Allow to rise again.
  6. Bake at 400* until the loaves pull away from the pan edges, and sound hollow when tapped.
  7. *For really beautiful loaves, egg wash each toward the end of baking time with 1 well-beaten egg plus 1 TB of water.*.
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Simple and good. Thanks! I added a couple cups of wheat flour to add a little healthy ummpf...but the recipe is perfect! Thanks for posting!

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Nice and tasty.i will make it again,it's my favorit now thanks to wildflour5656.i made it today 7 rolls instead of 2 loaves.tomorrow i will try to use the bread machine.

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My first time making bread with yeast. I followed recipe exactly. Will make again.