Chocolate Soy Banana Smoothie

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Chocolate soy milk and frozen bananas whipped up together in a blender make a quick, tasty smoothie that my family loves. It is healthy and easy...two great "ingredients" for a great recipie. If you are not a soy fan, don't worry. It doesn't taste anything like soy according to my husband (who does NOT eat soy). The amount is for one, but we usually triple it since there are three of us. If you need more servings, you should do it in two batches if you have an average sized blender.


  1. Blend all together in blender. Serve.
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Quick and easy! I always have a little chocolate soy milk around as a special treat. This kicks it up to a whole new level! Simply DEEE-licious!!!...and healthy too! Thanks for sharing!

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Very easy and good! I made this for Pick A Chef '08. We used about 2 bananas and three cups of milk and while I was worried that the kids wouldn't like the flax seeds, but they didn't even notice them. What a great way to get more vitamens, omega 3 fatty acids, and potassium into kids! We will be making alot of these!

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One of my favorite treats. I add Ovaltine (dry chocolate milk mix) to plain soy 'cause I seldom have chocolate soy in the house.