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We have been making this rice for ages together. I had "ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA" that this is a variation of Brazilian pilaf! WOW:) I have made rice this way also by substituting the water with Maggi vegetable broth with onions. Its DELICIOUS!!! This is an easy and wonderful side dish! Thanks for posting! I can't stop smiling thinking that this is a variation of Brazilian pilaf;)

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Charishma_Ramchandani March 21, 2004

Oh gosh this is really a good way to make rice. I got this recipe from my uncle who also lives in Brazil.He grows rice on one of his ranches. I like to fry chopped onions into it also as a side dish for meats. Thank you.

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glitter March 21, 2004

Made this tonight as a side for my BBQ pork ribs. I rate it 5 for ease of preparation and 3 for flavor, so 4 overall. I used basmati rice because I had it on hand, gave it a nice nutty flavor. I cooked the rice until pretty much all of it was golden brown and then added the water, be careful it boils big time when added. I may try it again with the long grain rice to see if I enjoy it any more. I enjoy trying new recipes so thanks for posting it Ekives.

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MrBob June 30, 2008

Ahhh!!!!! This rice is *SO* good!!! I couldn't stop eating it! My best friend's mom used to make pretty much the same thing when we were little, and she taught me how to make it just like this recipe, when I was 11 or so. Made it tonight, only I added a pinch of chicken bouillon and used butter instead of oil. It had the most terrific nutty flavour to it, and I'd deffffffinitely recommend this recipe to anybody!

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Megohm December 18, 2006

I made this tonight and we really enjoyed it. I used jasmine rice for this since its all I had in the house. It really brought out a new flavor dimension in an already flavorful rice. Very good, I'll be making this again and again. Thanks for posting it.

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Ilysse May 30, 2006

This recipie is great and simple. I stirred while frying too often, i think it would be more astetically pleasing to only stir a little. It tastes great, and it pretty hard to mess up...which is great when you are in a hurry!

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Maureen Kelly McGuire February 10, 2006

I really liked this recipe. I fried my rice in the oil until it was quite golden and the rice turned out with a deliciously nutty flavor. My daughter who will normally only eat my white rice recipe even liked it because it did not come out sticky at all. Thanks for a great recipe!

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JoJoStar February 08, 2006

Hi, just updating my review, since Ekives was so nice as to revise the recipe in response to my comments! :) ORIGINAL REVIEW: This is a very nice and simple way to cook rice. I actually used brown rice, so I extended the cooking time to take that into account, but otherwise followed the recipe. I know this is supposed to be a Brazillian recipe, but we actually served this with Thai food, so I used unrefined peanut oil as my vegetable oil. Sauteeing the rice gives this nice flavor and ensures that you have nice seperate grains in the final product as it seals in the starch (I presume that this sauteeing is why this is called "burn" rice?) You're not kidding about the water bubbling violently when you add the rice. I was expecting it, but it still gave me a fright! Now, I think this is a very good recipe, but I feel that I do have to deduct 1 star, and I'll tell you why: In step 1, you don't specify how long or until what point you should fry the rice. Should it be golden? Golden brown? Brown? Just til fragrant? I did mine until light golden brown, which seemed to work okay, but I don't know what is correct. Also, in step 6- I would like some information on what stage the rice should be at. I wasn't sure if it should be fully cooked, almost fully cooked or what? Mine was just about done- all the water was absorbed, but it was still a smidge damp. Seemed okay. I just wasn't sure if the letting the rice sit covered was supposed to be part of the cooking process or what. I found it really neat that the rice is cooked with the lid ajar- this is something you would never do in the Asian style of cooking rice. Rule in Asian cooking is that when you're making rice you put the lid on tight and *do not* lift it! So, this was a very neat change, and I would definitely like to make it again. I think that glitter's suggestion of adding some fried onions sounds nice, so I might try that next time too! Thanks for the recipe, ekives! This is a very nice change from the usual way of making rice and just about as easy! I do want to note that I chose this recipe for Pick Your Chef Nov 1-29 2004! :) — posted Nov 7, 2004

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Roosie November 11, 2004
Burn Rice