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No question about it, this is a Blue Ribbon recipe for sure! We just tasted some from my first batch made two weeks ago. In one day three quarts were downed! I just made batch number 2 - this time using three Ball Wide Mouth half gallon jars (I uploaded a pic of the three jars - there's a lemon cuke in one of them, can't wait to try that, I heard they make great crispy pickles).

Incidentally, just for reference, there was more than enough brine from this recipe to fill three half gallon jars packed with cukes, with enough left over to probably fill another quart.


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sdlawrence August 15, 2011

These are awesome! Our garden is abundantly supplying cucumbers this year, so I've been looking for pickle recipes. I used store-bought minced garlic, a dash of pickling spice, dried dill weed, and dried dill seed to each jar. Also kept the brine boiling and added to jars as I packed them - the jars sealed better this way. Overall a fabulous recipe! Thanks so much. :o)

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soaplady August 03, 2009

These dill pickles are great in and on my famorite sandwiches! I cut the recipe in half to make 3 jars, and used fresh pickling cucumbers.

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thurstondonnie July 17, 2009

Holy wow! Due to some difficulties with my stove, I had to play around with the directions a little bit (I had to use water that was already close to a boil) and my cukes were incredibly fat, so I had to cut them into quarters. So, I was a little concerned with the texture of the pickle. But these were are excellent. In fact, I am in a bit of a quandary: I canned 11 jars, and I want to impress my friends, but I also want to eat them all! 2 Notes: I had to double the brine and I used 36 pickling cukes, cutting off both ends and quartering them. In some jars, I did extra dill and garlic, in all I used mustard seed. I slightly prefer just a little dill and 1 garlic glove. Sour and crunchy!

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messystation June 27, 2009

These are terrific! I didn't think homemade pickles would be as crisp and flavorful as ones you buy, but these were so much better. I'll never buy pickles again! My whole family loved them and I have requests to make them again this year.

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ChefTeddy August 25, 2009

yumyum yum!!!! i did just a small batch of these to try out my canning skills. Popped a jar just now to use for a potatoe salad and oh my they are goooood! I used a small amount of pickling spice and will now be on my way to do some more canning! enjoy

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natschwartzentruber August 17, 2009

These are the best pickles I have ever made. I first made them in 2008. Didn't know how they would be so only made 11 pints. Well after the family tasted them that winter they decided it was a keeper. Each year I keep making more and we run out. This year I made over 90 quart...hope they last. I have shared with friends and they always ask for the recipe. I do soak the cucumbers in water overnight before canning the next day. Thank you for sharing this recipe

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pamnew August 30, 2011

I'v used a variant of this recipe for a lot of years. The only changes are that I use red hot peppers packed into the jars for heat and looks, and up to 5 sliced garlic cloves packed in along with a few peppercorns, and my recipe uses a teaspoon of yellow mustard seeds in the brine. My husband and sister will account for at least a case each annually and will complain starting around July or August when they start to run out. Fortunately, August is when I make them. I normally make somewhere around 4 to 5 cases, and give lots as gifts throughout the year. I've entered them in the county fair a few times, and won every time, but that's not the reason to make them.

This is a very old-fashioned method of canning, dating back to the 40's, and I am careful to store them in a cool place. Gramma had a basement to put them into for storage - wish I had one, because we sure run out of fridge room quickly, especially when my hubs fills the outside fridge with wine bottles.

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pickle packin' mama August 20, 2011

I made these pickles, It was my first time making pickles ever and they turned out fabulous.Everyone who has tried them agrees that they are some of the best pickles ever. I followed directions exactly, and I put 1-3 whole jalapeno pepper slit, in some of the jars. The jars that have Jalapenos I personally liked best. I also chopped some cukes and made diced pickles, great for sandwiches, For those worried about the processing,time, dont be. I made these last year, and the year before, and just processed a batch tonight. No one got sick. the main thing is to bring to a boil, then back off heat bring to boil again...ect...I hear only postive thing about my pickles, Dont forget to wrap jars up in a towel. if you over cook them, then they are not good at all.

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vabelle12 June 15, 2011

I'll not deign to rate this yet, having not actually used it. I WILL, however, offer this comment in support of that of Flourgirl51. It is NOT a safe method for canning. It may be safely used provided the resulting product is refrigerated and kept for no longer than a month or two - similar in fashion to how you would keep an opened jar of store-bought pickles.

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Blue Bustard January 17, 2011
Blue Ribbon Dill Pickles