Blu-Ban-O Smoothie

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5 mins
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The little kids and I have a smoothie every day at lunch and so for Zaar World Tour I thought, "well, I should try other people's smoothies and get ZWT points if I'm going to have a smoothie anyway!" Right? Well, I found out I really don't like yogurt in smoothies! But apparently everybody else does! oh well. Here's an all-fruit smoothie. The kind I like!

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  1. Blend until smooth and serve.
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This smoothie is Yum-o! I love blueberries and bananas, and I'm with you, mliss, I like the all fruit smoothies sooooo much better! I used a orange-pineapple-banana blend juice for this, which worked out great! Love it! Made for Veggie Swap 23.

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Great combo! I made this as written, except that I squeezed the OJ frome one fresh orange and topped up with water to make 1 cup (fear of pulp... :)) . I could see me adding a greens+ or protein type powder to this and calling it breakfast! thanks Mliss!

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Great way to start any day! I used cranberry juice and added flax seeds. Thanks.