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I love lentils and the fact that they are a healthy food choice is such a bonus! I used green lentils. At the beginning of step two, I added a generous pinch of cumin and, at the end of step two, I added several handfuls of chopped baby spinach leaves. In step three, I added one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of white wine. Couldn't resist. Loved the blend of flavours. We enjoyed this warm and chilled, and since it is such a fabulously healthy choice - and very filling - I'll certainly be making it again, and probably tampering with it each time. Sorry, Elmotoo, I'm just not good at sticking to recipes: mine or anyone else's. Made for the October Vegan Swap.

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bluemoon downunder November 15, 2008

The only difference I made to this was to add an extra potato and a dollop of butter right at the end... Delicious! I love lentils, and this is a nice warming and simple recipe. I served it with fried eggplant and yoghurt sauce..... Thanks for the recipe.

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becy June 09, 2008

OK, first off let me say how I altered the recipe just so that I can be fair -- I made this as a soup instead of as written. What I did is use only 1 lb. of lentils, 5 quarts of water, and the rest of the recipe as is. Ooops -- I also didn't have fresh coriander, so instead used about 3 Tbsp. of ground powdered coriander in the onion/garlic saute. I upped the amount of salt and pepper because after the dilution with so much extra water it really needed it. So, that being said, Bethie do you think I still made your recipe? I think I *mostly* did. ;-) So, to the review part -- WE LOVED THIS!! It was a soothing, warm and wonderful bit of goodness on a gray, blustery cold day. I am going to make my notes of what I changed on the recipe, so that I can make it again in the future as an option for soup. I will also try it again as written, since I already know the flavor combination is one that I like -- and then I will make sure to have fresh coriander (cilantro) on hand. Thanks for the wonderful dinner, Elmotoo! Made for NAME Tag

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Susiecat too February 27, 2008

This is a good recipe, but needs a lot more salt and pepper than one dash. I used green lentils since black aren't avilable here. Also, the addition of the potatoes made it a little too stodgey for our tastes, I supposed we're too used to madjadarah where the lentils are mixed with the lightness of rice. I liked the addition of coriander. Thanks for posting.

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Mirj February 04, 2007

i liked the brightness of the lemon here this is a light dish .i used wondra instead of regular flour worked fine made this to go with Spinach and Chickpeas With Couscous i think they worked well for me . i just used the cheapo lentils from the store and added the garlic and dried cilantro into the pot without frying as i has docs orders to stay away from oil . it worked fine for me im SURE that the frying would icrease the flavor and give it a nice crispy texture that i love. i hate those dog gone stars

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Dienia B. February 08, 2012

Chose this dish for the intrigue. It has some issues from a Western perspective. DH thinks it very dry, while I think it lacked flavor. I liked the texture, DH didn't. I used the expensive French lentils, so DH and I are brainstorming what to do with our huge pot of leftovers! I want to enhance the flavors in order to use as a pita pocket filler for lunches. Thanks, Elmotoo, for a dish that has us brainstorming! Made for Veggie Swap.

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mersaydees August 30, 2009

I liked this but didn't love it. It was my first time making black lentils and I didn't know how much water to add as it wasn't listed here or on the lentil package...so I put them in a large pot and filled it 3/4 with water...which I think was too much as I had to cook it an extra 20 minutes to boil out the liquid. I ended up with something like refried beans but they didn't have any flavor other than a smokyness from the burned layer on the bottom of my stainless steel pot...I think the smokyness actually was a bonus. I added 1 tablespoon each of curry, garam masala and chili powder. I had to add a lot of salt to try to bring out some flavor and it still was bland! Hmm. I ended up eating it with feta cheese and fresh cilantro wrapped in a flour tortilla and that was very good. The feta really improved it. For any other inquiring minds I researched black lentils briefly and found out they are in the mung bean family and are a firm lentil like the green ones but if you cook them like this they still will turn to mush (the package said 15-20 minutes). Also I bought mine at Trader Joes and Amazon.com also sells them. Anyways I'm glad I tried it. Thanks for the recipe as there aren't many listed for black lentils. Made for NAME tag.

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Engrossed February 02, 2007
Adas Bil Hamod - Lentils With Lemon Juice